Yerba mate Rosamonte Specjal Light 500g
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The origins of the Yerba Mate Amanda goes back to the year 1900. At this time, a colonist family from Poland settled down in Misiones, province of Argentina, and cultivated yerba mate.
The Amanda plantations are one of the oldest in the country, and they are located in the agricultural area ?la Cachuera? near the city called Apóstoles (Misiones), popular as the ?capital of yerba mate?.

Amanda is a traditional yerba, it is produced with stem and it has soft taste. We recommend this product to the beginners in the art of drinking yerba mate.

The development and preparation of this product takes place in an ecological environment and are natural preserved, under standards that guarantee the products fine taste and natural aroma.

The yerba mate is a 100% natural product, without any pesticides, fungicides nor herbicides.
Furthermore it holds the International Quality Certificate OIA.

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