Acai&Goji oatmeal 60g
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Acai&Goji oatmeal


68,5% oat flakes, raisins (99,5% raisins, 0,5% sunflower oil), the proportion of this ingredient may vary, sunflower seeds, sweetener: erythritol, 3% goji berries (Licium barbarum L.)- the proportion of this ingredient may vary, 1% acai extract 4:1 (Euterpea oleracea), flaxseed, 0,5% vitamins [(L- ascorbic acid (vitamin C)], natural vanilla aroma, natural strawberry aroma.

How to use:

Open the lid, pour 150 ml of hot water and mix. Wait 3-5 mins for your superfoods oatmeal to be ready.


Store in a cold and dry place. Keep away from sunlight.


Product may contain: halzenuts, almonds, milk, soya and its derivered products.

Nnutritional value Per 100g Per one serving %RI
Energy value 1684kJ/400kcal 1010kJ/240kcal
Fat 9,2g 5,5g
-of which saturates 1,3g 0,8g
Carbohydrates 59g 35g
-of which sugars 9,6g 5,8g
-polihydric alcohols 6,9g 4,2g
Fibre 9,2g 5,5g
Protein 12g 7g
Salt 0,05g 0,03g
Vitamin C 500mg 300mg 375%*

Net weight 60g

Collective packaging 8 pcs

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